TORMAX iMotion® 1301

The iMotion® 1301 impresses everyone: users because of its excellent performance – and operators because of its long life. Its compact case contains a wear-free synchronous motor which meets the highest quality standards. The modern swing door drive is silent and energy-efficient in operation.

The 1301.S version proves its worth, among other attributes, with its performance when faced with greater door weights and strong wind loads.

Areas of Use
  • silent opening of small and large pedestrian passageways with a high traffic volume
  • ideal internal and external doors in public and private buildings
  • easily installed during conversions/renovations and in new buildings
  • suitable for barrier-free construction
  • Tried and tested for fire and/or fume protection (tested for fire protection)
  • iMotion Generation: intelligent micro-processor control system ensures permanent monitoring of door leaf movements
  • wear-free AC synchronous motor with permanent magnets: performance and long life
  • integration of safety functions
  • door leaf weights up to 600 kg
  • door movement sequence fully adjustable to meet the customer’s wishes

TORMAX iMotion® 1301

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