THOMAS Topguard Patrol Plus Software (DTGCS-TGPLUS)

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TopGuard Patrol is a versatile guard tour software application from GCS. It is a communication tool for all GCS data acquisition units, combined with a report generator. It includes a Microsoft® Access database and the most modern programming tools, so it’s powerful, yet easy to use. And TopGuard Patrol can be quickly configured to display in a variety of languages.


• TopGuard Patrol software makes

it easy to set up tours, download

and evaluate collected data and

prepare reports, which may be

saved and/or e-mailed in HTML or

PDF format


• PLUS Version provides extended

capacity, more reporting options

and other advanced, high-utility



Report Formats

• Six (6) Report Formats:

• Summary Report

• Personnel Report

• Control Point Report

• Incident Report

• Break Report

• Database History Report

• Four (4) Report Options

(Summary and Personnel Report


• Print missing control points

• Print Exceptions

• Print missing control points

• Summary only


• Uses Microsoft® Access database

• PP-Modem utility allows modem

transfer of data from remote sites

• Built-in utility communicates with

GCS data acquisition and transfer

units – checks battery status, sets

date/time, defines dialing

parameters for modem transfer

• TopGuard Patrol PLUS –

Enhanced Version: Up to 7,500

data media (magnetic data strips,

RFID tags or optical bar codes can

be programmed as incidents,

personnel or control points in up to

250 rounds. Includes six different

report formats with four report


• TopGuard Patrol PLUS – Ability to

create maps of tours using

imported JPG or BMP images


THOMAS Topguard Patrol Plus Software (DTGCS-TGPLUS)

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