THOMAS Surface Door Alarm (DTEAX2500S)

9VDC Battery Powered Wall Mount Exit Alarm


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The Detex EAX-2500 is designed for applications that require a 9VDC battery or external AC/DC powered alarmed exit device on secured doors. The alarm, with approximately 100dB, will sound when someone attempts an unauthorized exit. The EAX-2500, with its smaller size and designed to fit in a standard 4″x4″ outlet box makes it the choice for quick and easy installations on emergency exit and restricted doors.


• Low-cost, self-contained door alarm with piezo horn that sounds to warn of unauthorized use of a door

• Upgrade features are included and field selectable at no added cost

• Patented cam assembly automatically adjusts for different sizes of cylinders without the use of spacers

• Mortise cylinder required with standard cam

• Auto-rearm feature is field selectable, default as 2 minutes

• Rim cylinder required for optional OKC

• Optional MC65 mortise cylinder

• IC7 – Optional factory installed IC mortise cylinder housing


• Available in 2 colors, gray and black, that blends with architectural décor (EAX-500 and EAX-2500 only)

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