THOMAS Smartlock Complete 1 Door Kit (CASLPKCP1X)

Includes: 1-Software, 1-Prox Reader, 1-Control, 1-Power Supply 1-Cabinet, 1-Door Contact, 1-Electric Strike, 5-Cards


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SmartLock Complete Single-Door Kit with Reader, CLAUSB, SmartLock Pro Software, Electric Strike, Door Contact and 5 CanProx One Cards. Includes: 1 SmartLock controller 1 SmartLock enclosure 1 Power supply board with plug-in transformer 1 SmartLock Pro Software License 1 CLAUSB 1 CanProx One HID/AWID reader 1 Electric door strike (12V DC) 1 Recessed door contact and 5 CanProx One cards

THOMAS Smartlock Complete 1 Door Kit (CASLPKCP1X)

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