THOMAS Mullion Keypad (TA1434-BZ)


TA-1434 keypads can be used with either the TA-2420 or TA-2456 Wiegand access controllers.  These keypads are elegantly designed, with backlit keys suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Each keypad demonstrates superior durability in any environment. The TA-1434 keypads mount directly to mullion doorframes or any flat surface. No back box required. In addition, for convenient installation the TA-1434 keypads feature a separate doorbell key and relay. Durability, ease of installation, and attractive design make the TA-1434 a solid addition to any installation.


• Encapsulated Electronics

• Backlit Illuminated Hardened Keys
• Doorbell Key



• Durable in any environment
• Keys easy to see in poorly lit environment
• Doorbell key included for easy installation

TA-1434 Keypad Specifications:

• Wiegand Emulating
• Current Draw 68mA max
• Operating voltage: 12 Volts DC only
• Size: 1.71” x 6.48” x 1.125”
• Relays: 1 x (Form A) 1A/.5A @ 30V/125V
• – 20 degrees F to 130 degrees



Industrial, Commercial, Residential


Available Models:

Part # TA-1434-AL (Aluminum Finish)
Part # TA-1434-BZ (Bronze Finish)


*Both Mullion enclosures are certified by Builders Hardware
Manufacturers Association, Inc. (BHMA)

THOMAS Mullion Keypad (TA1434-BZ)

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