THOMAS Magnetic Door Holder (SDEH3024120A)

Magentic Door holder, Surface mount, 24/120V

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EH30 Surface Mount

SDC EH Series magnetic door holders, are designed to hold doors open and release the door by remote switch or fire life safety command center activation. Primary application includes holding and releasing of fire rated doors that are required to provide a barrier for fire and smoke in an emergency or the convenience of door closure by remote control.

Materials: Zinc alloy

24120 Voltage Input

24V/40lbs; 120V/35lbs; Apply 120V to 24V input for 110lbs 

Total Projection: Surface mount: 4-5/8” (117mm)

Fasteners: Hardware package, mounting bracket

Finishes: Chrome Powder Coat

THOMAS Magnetic Door Holder (SDEH3024120A)

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