THOMAS M1510-AE-L9070-24Vac-Dc-RH (AC9070AE24M1510R)


ACSI supplies high quality UL Listed modifications to a wide range of manufacturers’ locksets.

Series 1500 electric locks provide safety and security for stairtower doors or controlled areas where both locking and latching are required. The Series 1500 locks allow remote electric locking or unlocking while conforming to life-safety codes.


■UL Listed
■Fail Safe (Power Lock) – Outside trim is locked when power is applied and unlocked when power is removed (storeroom function when energized). Lockset will unlock in event of power failure (passage function).
■Fail Secure (Power Unlock) – Outside trim is unlocked when power is applied and locked when
■Power is removed. Lockset will lock in event of power failure.
■Continuous duty solenoids
■24VDC, 24VAC, 12VDC, 12VAC, or pneumatic operation
■When key cylinders are provided in the locks, the latchbolt may be momentarily retracted with key even though electrically locked. NOTE: Locks that are electrically unlocked may not be locked via the key cylinder.
■Security Monitoring available
■Authorized Egress (Request to Exit) available
■Interface with Life-Safety Systems

Models Available

1510, 1520, C1510C, C1520C, AE, AII, M1510C, M1520C, LM, AI, AM, DM, SM, M1550D, MU1510A, MU1520A, AE2

THOMAS M1510-AE-L9070-24Vac-Dc-RH (AC9070AE24M1510R)

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