THOMAS Key Switch Single Gang (TA3301)

Momentary Action 1 x (SPDT).

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TA-3300 Series Key Switches offer system designers several configuration choices. TA-3300 Series Key Switches are mounted on cast aluminum plates as standard. Stainless steel plates are available upon request.


The TA-3300 Series Key Switches will accept 1”-1-1/4” mortise cylinders (mortise cylinders sold separately).

*Specify LED voltage required when ordering,

-12 or – 24 (VDC)


Several options are available for the TA-3300 Series including narrow mounting, LED indicators and lettering.

Single Gang Key Switch Selection:

TA-3301   Momentary Action 1x (SPDT)
TA-3302   Momentary Action 1x(DPDT)
TA-3303   Momentary Action 2x (SPDT)
TA-3304   Momentary Action 2x(DPDT)
TA-3305   Alternate Action 1x(SPDT),
Momentary Action 1x(SPDT)
TA-3306   Alternate Action 1x(DPDT),
Momentary Action 1x(DPDT)

Key Switch Options:

(-A)   Add for Alternate Action
(-N)   Add for Narrow Plate
(-R)   Add for 1 Red LED
(-G)   Add for 1 Green LED
(-RG) Add for 1 Red & 1 Green LED
(-B)    Add for 1 Bi-Colour LED, Red/Green
(-BB)  ADD for 2 Bi-Colour LED, Red/Green
(-OR) Add for “Override/Reset” text
(-LK)  Add for “Secure” text and arrow
(-HO) Add for “Hold Open” text and arrow

THOMAS Key Switch Single Gang (TA3301)

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