THOMAS Fail Sec W-Rex 24DC Mort.LK Flat Sec (DHEM7F26DR24FERX)

Heavy duty Mortise lock, grade1,electrified, fail secure with a rex switch.

Flat sectional, 24VDC, RHR.


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The electrified mortise lock allows remote key access and egress control for standard commercial use applications where security and safety is critical. Common applications include computer rooms, meeting rooms, classrooms and interior doors.

Operating Voltage: 12 or 24VAC/DC (+ or – 10%)

Amperage: 612mA@12 / 330mA@24V

Coil Resistance: 12V = 20 ohms / 24V = 73 ohms

Power Consumption: 8 watts


UL Listed
Continuous duty solenoids
Low current draw


12 or 24 Volt (AC/DC)
Fail Safe (Electrically Locked) or Fail Secure (Electrically Unlocked)
REX – Request to exit switch (REX)
LM – Latch Bolt Monitor
SM – Security Monitoring of Latchbolt and Solenoid

THOMAS Fail Sec W-Rex 24DC Mort.LK Flat Sec (DHEM7F26DR24FERX)

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