THOMAS Exit Device Switch Kit (ACK100A)

Exit Device Switch kit.


More Info
ACSI K Series Switch Kits are field installed in the touch bar or in the hinge style case of an exit device. K Series Switch Kits include a SPDT (Single Pole Double Throw) switch assembly with long wire leads and easy to follow installation instructions.
K Switch Kits may be used to:
• Provide instant release of magnetic locks for free egress • Activate a door alarm • Signal a control console when the push bar of an exit device is depressed • Shunt a door alarm to allow free egress
Model   Description
K-100     Switch Kit for Von Duprin 33, 99 K-101     Switch Kit for Von Duprin 55 K-102     Switch Kit for Von Duprin 88 K-103     Switch Kit for Sargent 80 Series K-104     Switch Kit for Sargent 9600, 9700, 9800, 9900 K-105     Switch Kit for Sargent 9300, 9400, 9500 K-106     Switch Kit for Adams Rite 8000, 3000 K-107     Switch Kit for Corbin Russwin 8000 and Yale 2100 K-108     Switch Kit for Jackson 1085, 1095 K-109     Switch Kit for Yale 7000 and Corbin Russwin ED4000,ED5000 K-110     Switch Kit for Monarch 18, 19 K-111     Switch Kit for Doromatic 990, 1090 K-112     Switch Kit for Doromatic 1490, 1590 K-113     Switch Kit for Corbin Russwin 39, 572 K-114     Switch Kit for American Device 4000, 6000 K-115     Switch Kit for Precision FL APEX Series K-124     Switch Kit for Precision 2000 Series K-125     Switch Kit for Dorma 9000 K-126     Switch Kit for Hager 4500, American Eagle 6200, K2 QED100 K-127     Switch Kit for ACSI 1500K-VD ELR Kit on Von Duprin 33, 99 K-203     Switch Kit for Sargent 80 Series DPDT K-123     Latch Bolt Monitor Switch Kit for Von Duprin 33, 99   Note: Field modification of UL Listed devices voids the UL Listing.
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