THOMAS Elec. Hinge Lb 454 Etw04 652 (BML8060-454W4652)

Full Mortise Hinges, standard weight – lube bearing – electric hinge


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Full Mortise Hinges

Standard weight – Lube bearing – Electric Hinge with Monitor

LB8060 Steel for indoor use with steel pin  ANSI A8112


•Lube bearing
•Three knuckle
•Non-removable flush tip pin & plug
•12 inch wire leads per side
•Electric hinges must be Non-load bearing
•Mount in Center position only

Maximum wire rating for through wire hinges
•50 volt AC/DC
•3.5 Amps continuous
•16 Amp pulse
Maximum wire rating for monitor
•28 Volt AC/DC

Power Transfer options
•Concealed electric through wires ( 2, 4, 6, 8 wires ) with monitor
•The ETM is for doors requiring both low voltage electric current transfer monitoring capability only
•Through wires 22 gauge for 2 wire ( 18 gauge optional )
•Through wires 28 for ( 4, 6, 8 wires )

•Listed for Security Equipment AMQV
•Tested to UL 634 Standard for Safety Connectors and Switches
•UL tested to the new test criteria required in ANSI/BHMA A156.1-2006
•UL Cycled Tested to 350,000 cycles
•Bommer Endurance Cycled Tested to 1,500,000 cycles

THOMAS Elec. Hinge Lb 454 Etw04 652 (BML8060-454W4652)

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