THOMAS Delayed Egress Device with Power Supply (DTV40XEE-36)

Deyaled egress device with power supply.


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The V40xEE, designed for primary and secondary exits, provides a secure 15-second delay and a 100 decibel alarm when someone attempts to exit.

This 15-second delay allows management time to respond before someone exits and the alarm deters the exit from occurring.  Per life safety requirements, the V40xEE must be provided with a fire alarm input, thus providing a system override during a fire emergency.  The V40xEE provides security while meeting all life safety concerns, offering an exceptional value.

The EE Delayed Egress option provides the functions required by both the IBC and NFPA 101. The internal alarm horn sounds during the 15 second delay, giving security personnel time to respond to someone attempting to use the exit. As all delayed egress systems, it requires a fire alarm interface and a power supply. Everything else is self-contained. The included cylinder switch allows non-fire rated devices to be cylinder dogged in the unarmed position. Detex filtered and regulated 24V DC power supply required and included. Available in all Advantex models and Value Series rim devices.

THOMAS Delayed Egress Device with Power Supply (DTV40XEE-36)

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