THOMAS 2A Power Supply (SD632RF)

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632RF 2 Amp Power Supply
The SDC 632RF Power Supplies have been developed specifically to support electric locks and access controls. The high performance, heavy-duty circuitry is ideal for inductive loads and multi-door applications. The modular design is built around several different application control modules to meet your specific needs for virtually any electric lock system. SDC power supplies are designed to provide a well-organized installation for individual or multi-door systems that may include locking devices, access controls, station controls and consoles for remote control, annunciation and fire/life safety system interface. 632RF- SDC Power Supply/Charger, 12/24VDC, 2 Amp, Emerg. Release, 11" x 11" Cabinet, UL, Class 2
Series Features
Field selectable 12 or 24VDC, regulated and filtered Auto resetting output circuit protection Isolated 13.5/27VDC battery charger Low battery disconnect Choice of output and door control modules Input, output and battery status LED's Emergency release input
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