STANLEY Rush 4900 ASR Automatic Four-Wing Security Revolving Door

Anti-tailgating and optional anti-piggybacking detection through the use of Time-of-Flight (TOF) technology.

Factory preset program provides safe, reliable door operation.


4-Wing configuration

6’ (1829mm), 6’6” (1981mm) or 7’ (2134 mm) diameters

Wings collapse for emergency egress and release on activation of fire alarm security signal.



This anti-piggybacking detection is achieved through the self-contained infrared light sources and camera capturing the reflected light. An internal processor measures the time of reflected light and creates a depth image to analyze the objects within the revolving door. This allows the built-in processor to determine if one or two persons have entered into the security revolving door. The processor compares the images with image stored in memory to detect security violations

TOF technology provides higher resolution and accuracy than other sensing systems and is not affected by ambient light or dark shadows and heavy dark objects (coats, carts, luggage, etc.) which can give false signals

STANLEY Rush 4900 ASR Automatic Four-Wing Security Revolving Door

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