S2 Security Nodes

Highly flexible components of any S2 NetBox system, S2 Nodes handle distributed processing and are the connection points for card readers, monitoring points, supervised inputs, relay outputs and temperature points. Access control and events from connected devices are aggregated to the user interface for centralized system management.

S2 Network Node

S2 Network Node makes it easy to expand the capabilities of your existing S2 NetBox access control and event monitoring system. This intelligent field panel supports up to seven modular S2 application blades for access control, inputs, outputs and temperature probes. Any S2 application blades can be combined to fit deployment requirements and are easy to install.

S2 MicroNode Plus

Designed for localized access control and event monitoring, S2 MicroNode Plus is also an ideal retrofit solution that will extend the life of your existing security technology. The seamless upgrade from legacy two-reader panels to S2 MicroNode Plus can be made without replacing readers, inputs or lock outputs. S2 MicroNode Plus supports up to two portals, four relay outputs, four inputs and one temperature input.

S2 Network Node VR

S2 Network Node VR is an efficient way to deliver access control and video management in a distributed environment. Each S2 Network Node VR supports up to eight IP cameras and up to eight portals and houses up to four S2 application blades for access control, inputs, outputs and temperature probes.

S2 Network Node VRx

S2 Network Node VRx is an intelligent field panel that brings access control and video management to the network edge in a single, compact device. S2 Network Node VRx facilitates access control and event monitoring for S2 NetBox series controllers and delivers video surveillance for connected cameras. Real-time video monitoring and recorded video playback are accessible through the S2 VRx web interface, S2 Magic Monitor client or S2 Mobile Security Professional® mobile app.

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