S2 Security NetBox Virtual Machine

S2 NetBox Virtual Machine is a powerful, web-based access control and event monitoring system that can be installed on user-preferred hardware. The highly scalable system supports a wide range of deployments and enables users to build a system supporting over 7,000 portals and more than 500 S2 Nodes. Optional system partitioning allows the entire database to be separated into multiple smaller systems for entities such as field officers or tenants.


Features such as person record and cardholder management, event and alarm monitoring, threat level escalation and reporting are accessible from any web browser. S2 NetBox Virtual Machine works with existing infrastructure and peripheral devices, making it easy to deploy. In addition, S2 NetBox Virtual Machine tightly integrates with S2 NetVR® series video management systems, providing unified system management and administration. Integration with third-party video management systems is also supported.

S2 NetBox Virtual Machine is ideal for organizations that choose to implement an access control solution on their preferred hardware platform. Distributed enterprises can manage multiple S2 NetBox Virtual Machine servers with S2 Global®, allowing for nearly unlimited scalability.

Access Control
  • Portals: Supports up to 7,168 doors or other access points
  • Event and Alarm Monitoring: Includes comprehensive event logging, notification and escalation
  • Threat Level Management: Provides configurable system status and response actions such as system lock downs
  • Person Record Management: Maintains detailed, credential-driven user records and access history
  • Reporting: Offers predefined and custom reports


  • Custom Access Control Solutions: Operates on a user-preferred hardware platform
  • Web Interface: Delivers browser-based, unified system management and administration
  • Video Integration: Works with S2 NetVR series video management systems and other third-party video systems
  • API Support: Integrates with third-party products such as human resource databases via an open source API
  • Automated System Management: Automatically discovers S2 Nodes and handles system backups
  • Mobile App: Allows for mobile security management using S2 Mobile Security Officer
  • System Partitioning Option: Allows the entire database to be separated into multiple smaller systems

S2 Security NetBox Virtual Machine

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