Record 8200 Series Squared Header Heavy Duty Swing Door Unit

The 8200 Series squared housing Electro-Mechanical Swing Door Operators shares the exact same inner workings as the 8100 series, nicely matches desired site lines and is engineered to automate swing doors in high traffic situations. Designed to meet market demands for dependability, low noise, and application flexibility, the 8200 Series operator can successfully automate swinging door in Hospitals, Supermarkets, and airports, as well as dock doors, with smooth trouble free operation. As part of it’s unique software platform, the 8200 can also be programmed to be utilized as a low energy operator to comply with ANSI 156.19.

A proven planetary gear system in tandem with a perfected lever system arm assures the smoothest, most quiet operation available without exception. Libraries, doctor offices, and healthcare facilities demand that their daily routines proceed without the common noisy distractions associated with many competitive products. Eliminate your worry of post install performance by specifying record-usa’s 8200 series without hesitation.

Combined with World famed Swiss precision technology and a patented control system with 32 bit processor technology, the 8200 series is powerful and intelligent and guarantees rapid and reliable door control and operation, even when complex functions are desired.

When programming the 8200 series with record-usa’s available hand held remote you will be greatly impressed with the quick and easy diagnostics and software updates that make field adjustment easy to configure and to program. Using state of the art computer chip technology incorporating flash memory, the installing contractor can program multiple entranceways to open and close at the very exact speed and with each and every opening!

record-usa’s 8200 series swinging door operator makes everyone’s decision making process simpler in that it truly can be selected for most any application. An ingenious design platform allows each unit to be used on virtually any door configuration including with or without an aluminum door

Record 8200 Series Squared Header Heavy Duty Swing Door Unit

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