Quiet Latch Retraction (QEL)

The QEL gives off limited operational noise while providing electronic control of an exit device.

The QEL provides electronic control of an exit device where limited operational noise is desired. It is Von Duprin’s choice solution for hospitals, libraries, museums, theaters and any other place where ambient noise is possibly disruptive.

The QEL is available on all Von Duprin 98/99, 94/95 and 33A/35A Series exit devices. It has two primary applications: to momentarily retract a latch bolt, either via access control; and to retract the latch bolt for extended period of time, which is an alternative to mechanical dogging. The QEL option is available on panic devices and fire-rated devices. It can be ordered as a complete device or as a modular kit to retrofit existing devices.

Quiet Latch Retraction (QEL)

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