Openpath Standard Smart Reader


The Openpath Standard Smart Reader leverages industry leading security combined with an elegant design that will enhance any door and office environment. Supporting multiple entry methods including Bluetooth, Smart Watch, and Key Card, our reader is user-friendly, convenient, and affordable. Available in both high frequency (HF) and low frequency (LF) options, the Openpath reader fits your specific needs. The standard reader can be flush mount inside a single gang box, providing a slim profile surface, or mounted on a wall. It works with standard electrical wiring, making it easy for you to snap it right in and replace legacy readers or build it into any new construction.

Works with Bluetooth, WiFi & Cellular
Our patented three-way authentication means a faster door opening experience, and you’ll never have to worry if the internet is down, or cell service is spotty.
Encrypted RFID Cards
Openpath recommends and offers DESFire EV1 access cards. They offer some of the strongest encryption and security available, with no publicly known vulnerabilities.
Reader Security
Reader security may be the most overlooked, vulnerable point in an access control system. Our readers store no sensitive data or secret material. They act as a blind proxy between the credential and control unit and offer no value to those who attempt to tamper with it.
Fail Safe
Because we understand the serious impact of a system failure, we set out to prevent this from being an option. Openpath is configured to withstand power failures and Internet outages.
Easy to Install
Standard wiring, easily replaces legacy systems.
Gain access through touch, phone, Watch app, tablet, card, fob, or Cloud Key.
Install Options
Wall Surface Mount:
    • For any wall surface the reader is applied with a built-in finished, 22mm surface mount.
Flush Mount:
    • If you have a recessed gang box, this reader can be installed flush mounted, leaving a slimmer profile.

Easy installation via RS-485 wiring, compatible with legacy Wiegand wiring, to the Openpath access control unit (ACU)

    • 7.4 x 12.0 x 2.3 cm (with back cover, no gang box)
    • 7.4 x 12.0 x 1.1 cm (no back cover, electronics inside single gang box)
    • Black snap cover & back cover
    • or
    • White snap cover & back cover
    • IP65
    • Conforms to UL 294
Read Range:
    • Bluetooth Low Energy: 20 m
    • Openpath DESFire EV1: 1 cm
    • MIFARE Classic/DESFire/Ultralight (ISO14443A) CSN: 4 cm
    • Fully encrypted communication between mobile app and ACU
    • Fully encrypted communication between Openpath key cards and reader
    • Eliminates the threat of copying or cloning Openpath key cards
Card Compatibility:
High Frequency Reader:
      • Openpath DESFire EV1
      • MIFARE DESFire EV2
      • MIFARE DESFire
      • MIFARE Classic
      • MIFARE Ultralight
      • HID® MIFARE
      • Schlage MIFARE®
      • XceedID MIFARE®
      • ISO 14443A CSN
Low Frequency Reader:
      • Openpath Proximity
      • HID® Proximity
      • Schlage Proximity
      • XceedIDTM Proximity
      • GE/CASI ProxLite®
      • AWID® Proximity
      • LenelProx®

Openpath Standard Smart Reader

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