Openpath 12V Smart Hub

  • 4 Door Controller
  • 2 AMP Power supply with battery support

The Openpath 12V Smart Hub is an access control unit with the capability to interface with up to four entries and up to eight readers (if also using Wiegand readers in addition to Openpath readers). The Smart Hub securely makes all entry decisions and includes ports for Openpath door readers, Request to Exit, Wiegand Readers, and Contact Sensors. RS-485 wiring connects the Smart Hub to the Openpath readers, and all readers are powered with an included power supply in the same unit. Locking hardware must be powered separately and is not included. Openpath recommends installing a back-up battery as a best practice to ensure uptime during a power outage (back-up battery not included).

CloudSync is our offline first technology, which allows the system to operate even if your Internet connection goes down.
Cloud Security
All communication with the cloud is encrypted end-to-end with strong public key cryptography and mutual authentication.
Easy to Install
Standard wiring, easily replaces legacy systems.
Fail Safe
Because we understand the serious impact of a system failure, we set out to prevent this from being an option. Openpath is configured to withstand power failures and Internet outages.
Easily integrates with physical on-premise systems and logical software based systems.
Network and device monitoring systems are built right into our products to ensure a smooth experience for our users. Should a problem arise, our diagnostic and troubleshooting insight will help us resolve the issue as quickly and painlessly as possible.
Openpath is designed to be modular and expandable, making it easy to support additional entries, doors, and elevator floors.
Designed to provide a reliable, consistent experience.
Simple Management
Software runs in the cloud, no need to set up or maintain local servers and software.
Install Options
Wall Mountable:
    • Wall mountable locking enclosure: 14” H, 12” W, 4.5” D
    • Approx 10 lbs
Easy to Install:
    • Includes removable contact terminal blocks for convenient wiring
Operating Temperature:
    • 0° to 50°C (32° to 122°F)
Operating Humidity:
    • 5% to 85% relative, non-condensing
Communication Ports:
    • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet
    • 3 USB expansion ports
Operating Voltage:
    • 10-14VDC
Operating Current:
    • 2000 mA MAX (with 4 Openpath Readers)
    • 1000 mA (with no Openpath readers)
REX Sensors:
    • 4 REX Sensors, nominal 5VDC, 1kohm to each input (resistors built into ACU)
Contact Sensors:
    • 4 Contact Sensors, nominal 5VDC, 1kohm to each input (resistors built into ACU)
Openpath Readers:
    • Up to 4 Openpath Readers
Wiegand Readers:
    • Up to 4 Wiegand Readers
    • 4 Relays, 24VDC, 5 Amp (resistive)
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