NABCO Acuzone Sensor

Sliding Doors

NABCO’s Acuzone Sensor combines infrared and microwave sensors. It’s equipped with the NABCO Blue Zone feature to offer presence detection through the threshold when the door is in the “open” position. Having the ability to detect in the threshold dramatically increases the safety of any automatic door. The Acuzone Sensor is perfect for applications where safety and performance must be achieved simultaneously.

  • Unique Blue Zone technology for crossover threshold safety
  • Activation and safety in one housing for an aesthetically pleasing door package
  • Ignores traffic moving away from the entrance, allowing the door to close sooner to reduce energy costs
  • Innovative INC (Intelligent Noise Cancelling) reduces false activations from vibrations, weather, and ambient light
  • Inner cover protects sensitive PC boards and optical systems; dramatically increases the longevity of the sensor

NABCO Acuzone Sensor

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