Mortise (& RIM Combo) Cylinders

All CX5 Mortise Cylinders are produced from high quality solid brass extruded rod material and are available in most popular architectural finishes.  By default, cylinders are shipped without key blanks and with no sidebar pins installed.  The top springs are made from stainless steel and the chambers are capped with set screws for easy pinning.

CX5 mortise cylinders can be converted to RIM cylinder with the CX5 RIM pack. A CX5 RIM pack is included with the 1-1/8 inch CX5 mortise cylinder.  By default, the cam A “Adams Rite” cam is installed on all CX5 mortise cylinders.  A complete list of CX5 cam options is available in the KITS & ACCESSORIES section.

CX5 Mortise Cylinders are available with UL 437 option for enhanced security.


Product Features Standard UL 437
Unique floating side bar pins         ٭         ٭
Exclusive keyways         ٭         ٭
Cylinder & key         ٭         ٭
Pick resistant spool pins         ٭         ٭
Anti-drill points         2 min.
  11 max.
Hardened steel side bar                 ٭
Stainless steel top and bottom pins           ٭
UL 437 high security cylinder listing           ٭



Mortise Cylinder Model Numbers

Mortise (& Rim Combo) Standard Cylinders


9020 Mortise/Rim Combo Cylinder, 1-1/8”, 6 Pin (includes rim conversion kit and CX5-CAM2)
9030 Mortise Cylinder, 1-1/4” , 6 Pin
9040 Mortise Cylinder, 1-3/8” , 6 Pin
9050 Mortise Cylinder, 1-1/2” , 6 Pin

Available finishes include :

  • 3  – Polished Brass
  • 15 – Satin Nickel, and
  • 26D – Satin Chrome
Mortise (& Rim Combo) UL 437 Cylinders

9320 Mortise/Rim Combo Cylinder, 1-1/8”, 6 Pin
9330 Mortise Cylinder, 1-1/4” , 6 Pin

Available finishes include :

  • 3  – Polished Brass
  • 26D – Satin Chrome

Mortise (& RIM Combo) Cylinders

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