Mircom TX3-CX-2-A

The TX3-CX-2-A door controller provides control for two access points or doors.


The TX3-CX-2-A controller has a unique feature of being compatible to the entire family of TX3 platform solutions from voice entry, elevator restriction and wireless Aperio locksets. Unlike other platforms, the TX3 will meet the basic job requirements and accommodate other elements of an intelligent building as the needs arises.

It is a powerful hybrid IP and RS-485 networked two door controller that will manage up to 126 doors using the RS-485 network. Use TCP/IP and the system is virtually unlimited. Simply add a TX3-IP module to the panel for TCP/IP networks.

It provides control for two access points or doors and features a standard Wiegand interface. The TX3-CX-2-A can be used as a stand-alone or networked system and has a gray enclosure.

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