LCN 3130SE/4040SE Series Sentronic® Closers

These hold-open closers are designed for fire and smoke barrier doors. They allow the door to stay open until current interruption releases the holding mechanism.


The 3130SE and 4040SE Sentronic closers provide a single-point hold-open for fire and smoke barrier doors. Both the 3130SE and 4040SE Series are UL listed for metal smoke barrier or labeled fire doors and meet ANSI/BHMA A156.15 and NFPA 101 Life Safety Code standards. They are cUL Listed for self-closing doors without hold-open. Each closer is backed by a 2-year limited warranty, offers optional plated finishes and integrates with existing fire and life safety systems, minimizing danger to life and property under fire conditions.


The 3130SE and 4040SE Series function as full rack-and-pinion closers when the hold-open option is not engaged or the electrical current to the door is interrupted. The single-lever arm is specifically designed for interior doors. The 3130SE Series is concealed in the door with the track concealed in the frame. The 4040SE Series is a surface-mounted closer on the pull side hinge pull side or the push side stop face.

Features & Benefits
Body Construction
  • Cast iron design
  • Hold-open force is adjustable
  • 1-1/8˝ diameter piston for the 3130SE Series; 1-1/2” diameter piston for the 4040SE Series
Quality and Durability
  • 3130SE Series is handed for right- or left-swinging doors; 4040SE Series is universal non-handed
  • All-weather fluid
  • 2-year warranty
  • Replaceable in the field
  • Interfaces with fire alarm systems
  • Wood and machine screw pack
  • Designed for interior doors to 4’0”
  • Functions as full rack-and-pinion door closer when hold-open is not engaged or current is interrupted
  • Momentary on/off switch board assembly for testing the door release also provides over-voltage protection
  • UL listed for smoke barrier or labeled fire doors
  • Conforms to life safety code, NFPA 101

LCN 3130SE/4040SE Series Sentronic® Closers

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