Kantech Polaris-2 Mag-Stripe Card Readers and Cards

The Polaris-2 series provides the right combination of quality and reliability. A card can be swiped through the reader in both directions and the reader’s microprocessor automatically detects and rejects read errors. The reader has four different configurable output modes (26-bit Wiegand, 34-bit Wiegand, ABA-Clock & Data and ABA-Wiegand), so that readers can be installed on existing systems. The different output modes are obtained by connecting the proper wires during installation, to program the reader. The mode can be changed by simply powering the reader down and rewiring it for the new mode. The “*” push-button on the keypad of the POL-2KP is a dry contact with a 50 mA power rating. It can be connected to an alarm panel or to an intercom’s door call input, for example.

  • Integrated membrane keypad (POL-2KP)
  • Four easily configurable output modes
  • Built-in tamper switch, piezo buzzer and bi-color LED
  • Weatherproof design for either indoor or outdoor applications
  • Small size provides mullion mount, wall mount or single gang electrical box mounting plate
  • High endurance head assembly provides over one million reads
  • Tough polycarbonate case
  • UV protectant prevents discoloring

Kantech Polaris-2 Mag-Stripe Card Readers and Cards

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