Kantech KT-NCC Network Communication Controller

Kantech KT-NCC is a powerful way to expand an EntraPass Global Edition System. Instead of relying on a PC for communication between the controllers and server, the dependable KT-NCC is in control. There are fewer PCs to maintain, operating systems to upgrade, and security emergencies to manage. KT-NCC includes onboard TCP/IP which eliminates the costs associated with buying and maintaining a third party communication device to link to the network. The KT-NCC manages communication between the EntraPass software and the door controllers. It also administers global features such as anti passback, alarm systems, guard tours, and secondary access levels. All events from the controllers are stored in the KT-NCC for additional security in the event of a communication failure between the controllers & the server. The KT-NCC supports any combination of up to 128 controllers (KT-100, KT-300 or KT-400).

  • Powerful panel architecture removes a layer of PCs to improve reliability and save money
  • Onboard TCP/IP eliminates the need for an external network communication device
  • Supports any combination of up to 128 controllers (KT-100, KT-300, or KT-400)
  • Embedded redundancy ensures critical data is always protected
  • Seven LED modes provide quick assessment of system status
  • Flashable firmware enables fast, convenient updates
  • Battery backup provides alternative for Universal Power Supply (UPS)
  • Global functionality such as anti-passback, guard tours, and alarm systems management is easier than

Kantech KT-NCC Network Communication Controller

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