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The Protege Mobile App harnesses the power of the Protege WX and Protege GX systems, enabling you to monitor and control your building while on the go, with the ease and convenience of your smartphone.

Anywhere Access

With the swipe of a finger you can connect to any of your Protege WX or GX sites, check the status, arm or disarm, control lights, locks, signage, heating – even cameras – from anywhere, at any time.

One Touch Control

View and control the state of Doors, Areas, Sensors (Inputs), Controls (Outputs), and Cameras (select stream types) with a simple click or a long press for advanced functions.

Instant Awareness

No more second guessing whether you set the alarm before you left the office -– the app provides instant awareness of system status, and enables you to arm or disarm with a simple tap. Fumbling for the garage remote becomes a thing of the past as you can use your phone to open the door. And forget about coming home to a cold, dark, unwelcoming apartment. A couple more taps and you have the heating and lights turned on, all from the comfort of your car.

Peace of Mind

Subscribe to push notifications to receive alerts of system or sensor activity. As a parent you get peace of mind to see the system disarmed when the kids return home from school. As a business owner, you see that the system is disarmed at the start of the day, and rearmed when everyone goes home. And of course, you’re alerted promptly of any alarms.

Mobile Credentials

Use your smartphone as your access credentials to replace your existing card or tag. Simply download a credential from the in-app menu and have the supplied site code and card number entered against your user record in the system.*

* Requires an NFC capable device and tSec reader with firmware build 178 or above

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