Horton Profiler® Series 2000 Linear Drive

The Horton-exclusive drive systems feature a slim 4″ x 6″ header that allows for a flush installation to 4″ jambs and quick header-to-jamb fastening with no header end caps required. This results in attractive sight-lines with hair-line joints.

Slide operation is accomplished through 1/8 HP moter working with a threadless stainless steel 1/2″ diameter linear drive shaft.  A linear travel block describes a helical path along the rotating shaft.  The Profiler® Series 200 Linear Drive system is available in many hand configurations.

  • Heavy duty drive-train with 1/8 HP motor and a linear drive system
  • High quality steel carriage wheels with ball bearing design
  • Fully replaceable nylon covered aluminum carriage track
  • Patented panic breakout system featuring a solid bar wheel carriage with continuous interlocking.  This ensures dependable emergency breakout without sagging, along with effortless resetting.
  • adjustable astragal with double weatherseal captured in door panel extrusion.  This ensures lasting and superior weatherseal.
  • Superior high-strength corner block construction for all door panels for years of dependable service.

Horton Profiler® Series 2000 Linear Drive

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