HID® TouchChip® TCESC4K Module


The TouchChip® TCESC4K swipe module is compact, cost-effective and easy to integrate. The onboard processor is used for capture and match, delivering fast and accurate results. It can store up to approximately 100 user templates and supports USB, SPI or UART interfaces. Power consumption is less than 80mA during capture and match, and a low power auto-wake feature detects when a finger is on the module, making the TCESC4K module ideal for battery applications.

Key Features
  • USB, UART and SPI Interfaces
  • Low power consumption
  • Compact size
  • High durability silicon surface
  • Windows® 32-bit and 64-bit, Linux® x86, embedded systems (with or without OS)

For easy integration, the TCESC4K module is fully assembled and tested — just connect and interface using simple commands. The TCESC4K module also offers a convenient user experience based on proprietary technology that senses 3-D ridges and valleys of a fingerprint and captures the highest image quality for a swipe sensor.

The TCESC4K swipe module is designed for use with the TouchChip Module Development Kit. Whether you are an OEM or system integrator, biometric identity verification solutions from HID Global® provide a natural extension to your applications.

  • Fingerprint Sensor: 508 or 381 dpi, 9.6 x 25 mm image size
  • Processor TCD58E, 32-bit RISC, 144 MIPS
  • Fingerprint Template Database Size: Up to ~100 templates
  • Sensor Durability:
    • SteelCoat® protective layer
    • > 2 million swipes
  • Platform Support:
    • UART and SPI interface libraries: reference implementation for 32-bit MCUs in C source code
    • USB: Windows® to 8.1, Linux® x86/x64 and Android™ 3.1 (API Level 12) or newer

HID® TouchChip® TCESC4K Module

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