HID® Risk Management Solution


HID® Risk Management Solution is a real-time risk profiling technology that protects financial institutions against cybercriminals. It is a next generation cyber threat and fraud detection solution, based on data analytics, that protects against traditional as well as modern threats targeting online and mobile banking, transaction systems and sensitive applications. A combination of evidence based detection capabilities and behavioral biometrics supported by machine learning makes a perfect fit for combating the ever-changing threat landscape of modern banking applications. The solution is available in two options: HID Risk Management Solution – Threat Detection and HID Risk Management Solution — Threat and Fraud Detection.

HID Risk Management Solution is fully integrated with HID Global’s ActivID® Authentication Platform, which provides advanced multi-factor authentication to protect users’ IDs, transactions, devices and accounts. This provides the following benefits:

  • Enhanced security
  • Adapts to future threats while enabling organisations to adapt and improve existing solutions (vs MFA authentication which is static)
  • UX flow can be defined according to the risk level, resulting in a better user experience while improving security

HID® Risk Management Solution – Threat Detection Features:

  • Protects the device, the session, the user and the transaction with its unique digital identity sensing technology, a complete set of device fingerprinting and user identification techniques protects against:
    • Fraudulent transactions and account manipulation
    • Web and application hacking
    • Scripted/automated access
    • User devices hacking, security incidents …
    • Web application integrity protection
    • Phishing, social engineering and account takeover
    • Financial malwares (Trojan, MitM, web injections,etc.)
  • Analyses hundreds of parameters using machine learning and artificial intelligence to verify device and user identification
  • Delivers a multi-layered approach: device, session, user/navigation and transaction layers
  • Performs behavioral analysis that provides:
    • User authentication/identification at login
    • Real user liveness check
    • Continuous authentication
  • Provides multiple detection capabilities (zero-day banking malware, account takeover, phishing, BOTs and more)
  • Offers different deployment options:
    • Deployable on-premises or as a cloud-based service
    • No API integration required
    • Mobile SDK for mobile banking and Snippet integration for online banking
    • Simple POC implementation
  • Flexible integration to support different workflows

HID® Risk Management Solution – Threat & Fraud Detection Features:

  • All the Threat Detection Features
  • Transactions are evaluated against models that includes group of rules corresponding to a transaction type, channel used, etc. It is also based on advanced machine learning that can adapt to new fraudulent scenarios not covered by rules.
  • Delivers simplified compliance for regulations such as PSD2, 3D Secure 2, and more

HID® Risk Management Solution

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