HID PIV (Personal Identity Verification) IDMS (Identity Management System)™ delivers a comprehensive, highly configurable solution to perform identity proofing, enrollment, and credential issuance – even to remote users.

Key Features
  • Manage and track identity proofing lifecycle – Customizable, automated workflows to ensure secure credentials are issued to the right person
  • Connect to external background check systems – look up and compile criminal records, commercial records and financial records
  • Enforce separation of duties – Maximize the security in the credential production process
  • Centralize identification attributes – Including photo, fingerprints, identity documents and background check results
  • Convenient self-service issuance – Easy to use activation for remote users
  • Comply with standards and mandates – Support PIV & PIV-I, NIST Identity Assurance and more

HID PIV IDMS is part of HID PIV solution, which is a multi-factor authentication solution that covers the complete lifecycle of the identity: from identity proofing, secure credential issuance, IT systems and physical/facility access, and retirement of the secure credential.

Additional Product Features:
  • REST based API to request credentials, approve credential applications and monitor system activities
  • Data repository integrations to eliminate manual data entry
  • Lightweight enrollment stations for mobile locations
  • Streamlined biometric validation
  • Customizable branding and messaging
  • On-demand or batch printing options
  • Instant applicant status to streamline the enrollment and issuance process
  • Self-service capabilities for issuance, activation, update, renewal, and unlock
  • Advanced auditing
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