HID® Credential Management Service


The HID Credential Management Service is a cloud-based solution that simplifies the issuance and management of high-assurance authenticators such as smart cards, smart USB tokens and mobile smart cards. With secure identities delivered as a service, organizations easily implement a Zero Trust model to better secure users and IT systems.

Authenticators can be deployed to the workforce for a wide range of security services such as access to desktops (Windows, Mac workstations), network access, access to VPN and to applications, secure email, document signatures and document encryption. Deploying a converged badge protecting access to buildings and IT systems is also available.

The HID Credential Management Service provides:

  • Ease of deployment – HID hosts and manages your credential management service in a multi-tenant cloud environment through Amazon AWS. There’s no need to purchase extra equipment or licenses, and you can start issuing credentials in a few hours.
  • Lower cost – Provided as a flexible subscription license, the service reduces your capital expenditure cost.
  • Ease of integration – HID Credential Management Service integrates with your Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) user repository by leveraging the SAML federation standard protocol.
  • Trusted Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) – Each authenticator managed by the service is issued with IdenTrust® TrustID digital certificates for authentication, digital signature and encryption—which are trusted by a wide range of computer and mobile devices on the market today.
  • Higher security – Free your organization from passwords and the associated management challenges. You can deploy convenient two-factor authentication (2FA) based on public key infrastructure without any complexity.
  • Flexible authenticator choices – Choose from hardware or software authenticators, or mix and match them to meet the needs of your dynamic user population.
  • Smart Cards: HID Crescendo® 144K FIPS with choice of PACS credential
  • Smart USB Key: HID ActivKey® SIM with Crescendo 144K FIPS
  • Mobile App: HID Crescendo Mobile for Apple iOS® and Google Android™

Authenticator Credentials: Authentication, Digital Signature, Encryption Certificates issued by IdenTrust® TrustID™ certificate authority
User Management: Integration with Organization’s Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS)
Hosting: Multi-tenant system hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS)

HID® Credential Management Service

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