HID® Authentication Service


Organizations struggle to get their consumer authentication just right. Add too many enrollment and security features, and users refuse to enroll or worse – drop out of the service altogether. On the other hand, not having enough security in place you could wind up exposing your organization to too many unnecessary risks.

A cloud-based authentication service that is focused on consumer, direct to-the-end user customer authentication that allows for easy enrollment and use of the service is critical to success in your organization. In reality, it is already here.

HID® Global’s cloud identity platform provides a suite of cloud services to deliver trusted authentication for regulated industries such as healthcare and financial services as well as government and critical infrastructure, where high security is crucial. These services make it easy to establish, create, manage and use identities through a secure cloud delivery model.

The HID Authentication Service provides a secure and scalable authentication platform for trusted identity, along with HID’s mobile authentication solution, HID Approve™. The Authentication Service offers the following benefits:

  • Achieve a rapid ROI on your investment and quickly secure your customer base
  • Enroll your users into strong multi-factor authentication using an intuitive, mobile-based application
  • Protect your most complex applications with advanced multi-factor authentication

The Authentication Service is ideal for:

  • Enterprise organizations – operating within regulated industries – who need to be compliant with security regulations.
  • Organizations delivering customer identity and access management (CIAM) solutions that need to deploy rapidly and at scale.
  • Government agencies, Financial Services’ and Healthcare providers securing access to online services for citizens, customers and patients.

The Authentication Service can be complemented by other services offered by the cloud identity platform, such as the HID Risk Management Solution, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Credential Management services.


The HID Authentication Service provides a scalable authentication platform that grows with customer needs.

Assist Customers with regulatory compliance with the following:

  • FIPS 140-2 compliant HID Approve mobile authenticator
  • Privacy by design for EU GDPR
  • Strong customer authentication and dynamic linking for PSD2

Interoperable, standards based APIs for integration include:

  • OAuth2
  • OpenID Connect
  • SCIM 2.0

Authentication uses HID Approve and OATH one-time password (OTP) algorithms.

HID® Authentication Service

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