HID® ActivID® AAA Server for Remote Access


HID Global’s ActivID® AAA Server for Remote Access is trusted by thousands of organizations to provide multi-factor authentication, authorization and accounting (AAA) of remote users. It ensures those organizations can trust user identities and grant appropriate access to remote networks and applications.

The ActivID® AAA Server for Remote Access is the ideal choice for small to medium sized organizations seeking an open standards-based multi-factor authentication solution. The solution secures virtual private networks (VPNs), Web applications, remote terminal services and more.

The ActivID® AAA Server for Remote Access supports a broad range of multi-factor authentication devices, including software authentication tokens for all leading mobile phones and tablets. It is easy to install, deploy and manage, and its features include a Web-based self-service portal to help reduce costly IT help desk calls.

The secure remote access solution enables organizations to migrate from expensive proprietary solutions using a phased approach that minimizes the impact on users and maximizes legacy investments.



The AAA Server for Remote Access supports a wide range of multi-factor authentication methods including hardware and software based One Time Password (OTP) tokens, Out of Band (SMS or email) codes, and LDAP passwords.

  • Genuine HID® credentials supported by the AAA Server for Remote Access include the 4TRESS OTP Tokens, 4TRESS DisplayCards, 4TRESS Web Token, 4TRESS PC Token, 4TRESS Mobile tokens for iOS, Blackberry and Android
  • Supports third-party tokens compliant with the Oath algorithms

Easy deployment: The AAA Server for Remote Access is installed on a Windows server and connects to an Oracle or MS SQL database. For user management, it is compatible with leading user directories, including Microsoft Active Directory.

Interoperability: Open standards-based protocols including Remote Multi-Factor Authentication Dial-In User Service [RADIUS], Terminal Access Controller Access-Control System Plus [TACACS+], and 802.1x

HID® ActivID® AAA Server for Remote Access

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