HD78F Event-Driven Indoor Security IP Camera / Detector

The HD78F Event-Driven Indoor Security IP Camera/High Grade Security Detector, provides video/audio/detection solution for Paradox security systems.

The HD78F provides day/night vision at 720P and Hi-Fi audio recording, with 40 minutes of internal event-recording capacity and 20 minutes for alarm events.

The HD78F records alarm events, sends pictures to the Central Monitoring Station (CMS) and to users. It allows permitted users to open online audio/video streaming at 720P quality. Programmed, installed and managed via Insite GOLD, it stores files in the application once played, or on Google Drive.

Paradox DNS service provides site access 24/7. Paradox HD78F can livestream videos on a local system like CCTV cameras; also, any site camera can be used without participating in alarm functions.

Privacy is managed by the Master with the Block Access feature. As well, the CMS will be able to access online video streaming limited to 15 minutes after an alarm event.

The HD78F is easily and quickly programmed via the Paradox Insite GOLD free smartphone application. Video events and push notifications are delivered to the user’s smartphone; In addition, cameras can be accessed for Video on Demand via the application.


Security Event-Driven – Files linked to events
Wi-Fi / Ethernet
Remote access via Insite GOLD application and Swan Service
Google Drive cloud storage with no after-purchase charges
720P color streaming (HD264), HD audio
Internal storage: 66 minutes alarm and Record on Trigger (ROT), and 66 minutes Record on Demand (ROD)
Free Insite GOLD application
– Easy installation and programming, viewing, arm / disarm / access and PGM activations
Auto storage on Insite GOLD when playing video files
Pre-alarm -4 sec. recording
Push notifications
Built-in Security Grade Quad PIR detector
Night Illumination IR LEDs
Compatible with EVO series, MG5075, SP5500, SP6000 and SP7000

HD78F Event-Driven Indoor Security IP Camera / Detector

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