HANGER HS4 CU42E0 SVN Controller

HS4 Wall Readers & Control Units
Description: – Used in the SVN platform, the CU42E0 controls up to two wall readers and
can be expanded with the CU4200
Applications:  – Used with SVN wall readers (up to two)
– Creates access points for SVN platform
– Delivers real-time access control functionality:
• live monitoring of user entry and exit through the door controller
• live audit trail build to ProAccess SPACE
• door monitoring status for forced door entry and door prop alarm
• remote door opening via ProAccess SPACE
• door lock out or lock open emergency setting via ProAccess SPACE
• can be used in roll call configuration (i.e. user location monitoring)
• invalidates deleted cards
• collects data on user credentials such as low battery reporting on systems
– Can control up to four auxiliary controllers (total of ten doors)
Features: – Online IP based door controller
– Includes housing (translucent or gray)
– All communication is encrypted and secure (AES128)
– Controls HS4 readers, strikes, mag locks, and other peripherals
– Housing includes eight knockouts for wiring
Controller Technological Specifications 
Wall Readers & Auxiliary Controllers: – Connect up to four (4) CU4200 auxiliary controllers
– Connect up to two (2) wall readers per controller
Platform: – SVN
– Bluetooth
ID Technologies: – Mifare (DESfire EV1, Plus, Ultralight C, Classic – ISO/IEC 14443)
– Bluetooth SMART (BLE)
Smartphone Capability: – Android (2.3.3 version minimum)
System Security: – AES 128 Bit encryption opening procedures
Firmware Upgrades: – Online: directly from PC
– Offline: connection to PPD
Management Software: – Salto ProAccess SPACE
Network Connectivity: – TCP/IP
– Connection to the server via Ethernet 100BASE-TX or 10Base-T
– Requires one IP address to control up to ten door openings
– Initialization via Ethernet online connection
Power Consumption: – 12 VDC 400mA (without HS4 wall readers)
• recommend connecting to a 4 or 6 amp power supply for powering all locks on all doors
• PoE injector can power all controllers and readers
Inputs: – Six (6)
• connects to door detector, request to exit (REX), office switch
Outputs: – Four (4) relay inputs
• inputs from strikes, mag locks, etc.
Tampers: – One tamper input
– One tamper switch
• door monitoring and tamper monitoring via contacts input (intrusion alarm and door left open alarm)
Antipass-Back: – Connect two HS4 wall readers as one door
Operating Temperature: – -4° F to 176° F
Controller Mechanical Specifications
Dimensions: – Control Unit with Housing:
9.5″ (H) x 7.1″ (W) x 2.3″ (D)
1.5 lbs.
– Control Unit:
4/8″ (H) x 4.1″ (W) x 1.7″ (D)
1.1 lbs.
Certifications:  – CE Conform
– UL 294
– FCC certified
– Rated for indoor and outdoor use
Warranty:  –  Controller – 1 year

HANGER HS4 CU42E0 SVN Controller

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