HAGER HS4 Locker HL11 Lock

HS4 Locker Lock
Applications: - Interior applications ex.: gym lockers, visitor lockers, office cabinets, medical cabinets (pharmacies, hospitals, medical offices, ambulances, etc.) - New construction and retrofit
Lock Types:  - Security bolt
Programmable Lock Modes: - Programs can be customized by user and by opening - Fixed Locker Assignment - specific lock carrier operates a specific lock - Free Locker Assignment - token based, carrier issues their token to a lock and recalls it when the user returns to unlock the lock - Family Option - allows for multiple ID carriers to operate a single lock
Locker Escutcheon Technological Specifications:
Platform: - SVN - BLUEnet (including SVN+Flex)
ID Technologies: - Mifare (DESfire EV1, Plus, Ultralight C, Classic - ISO/IEC14443) - HID iClass® - NFC -Bluetooth SMART (BLE)
Smartphone Capability: - Android (2.3.3 version minimum) - IOS
System Security: - Secure Socket Layer (SSL) - AES 128 Bit encryption opening procedures
Management Software: - Salto ProAccess SPACE
Power Source: - (3) alkaline AAA 1.5V batteries  up to 40,000 transactions
Operating Temperature: -  32º F to 158º F
Locker Escutcheon Mechanical Specifications
Door Thickness: - 10-20mm - 20-30mm - 30-40mm - 40-50mm
Outside Escutcheon Dimensions: - 4.1"(H) x 2.1" (W) x 1.1" (D)
 Inside Escutcheon Dimensions: - 3.9" (H) x 4.4" (W) x 1.0" (D)
Reader Colors:   - Anthracite, white (front and back escutcheons are infused with BioCote)
Battery Pack Colors: - Anthracite
Warranty:  - One year
Certifications:  - Declaration of Conformity CE
Use of Radio Frequency Spectrum: - ETSI EN 302 291-1 V1.1.1 (2005-07); ETSI EN 302 291-2 V1.1.1 (2005-07)
Electromagnetic Compatibility: - ETSI EN 301 489-1 (2011-09); ETSI EN 301 489-3 (2002-08)
Security Requirements: - EN 609529
Environment: - IP56
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