Sensor strip with standby mode for the protection of automatic swing and revolving doors

  • Energy and space-saving sensor strip
  • Standby mode provides up to 50 % energy savings and increases the life span of the LED diodes
  • Close-knit detection area secures leaf widths of up to max. 1500 mm
  • Integrated object and wall blanking near maximum door opening
  • Automatized teaching of the system with the push of a button
  • All settings can be conveniently made by DIP switch
  • Click installation in the sensor cut-out profile reduces installation work
Sensor Strip With Standby Mode For The Protection Of Automatic Swing And Revolving Doors
Application Areas
  • Protection of automatic swing and revolving doors
  • Interior and exterior doors
  • Complicated flooring, such as reflective floors, scraper mats, metal rails
  • Narrow door profiles


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