FALCON Key Control

Falcon keys and key control programs better enable safe, accurate key control at an affordable price.


Keys and key control are integral parts of maintaining building security, whether it is during construction or changes in occupancy or use. Falcon offers key control solutions that enable users to control master keys within a building or facility. Key control helps prevent unauthorized access using the master key system.

The multi-level master key program better enables safe, accurate key control. The full line of mortise cylinders ensure maximum durability, performance and security, no matter what the application.

Features & Benefits
  • Standard and interchangeable cores allow for convenient access control
  • Visual and concealed key control for key and cylinder stamping
  • Multiple levels of the master keying system allows for tailoring system to specific needs
  • Accessories and kits are available for maintenance or retrofit of standard and restricted keyways and cores
Compatible Keyway Families

In order to better enable key control, Falcon keys and/or cylinders are stamped with the key symbol within the Falcon key system. This tells how the cylinder is keyed, eliminating trial and error. Lock mix-ups during installation or key mix-ups afterward are less likely to happen and are easier to straighten out if they do.

For example, the symbol AA1 identifies the lock to be operated by grand master key A, master key AA and change key AA1. Upon written authorization from the building owner to an authorized Falcon distributor, a bitting list can be furnished for each job to translate the symbols into key bittings. If a key is lost, a replacement key can be ordered by number from the Falcon distributor.

Visual key control (VKC)

For greater convenience, the key symbol is stamped on the plug face or other visible portion of the cylinder front, making identification fast and convenient. The disadvantage is that stolen or lost keys can be easily matched to the locks they operate. Also, restamping cylinders when they are rekeyed results in damage to the finish.

Concealed key control (CKC)

For greater security, specify CKC on the cylinders. The key symbol is stamped in a concealed location, such as the rear of the cylinder or the side of an interchangeable core. It is not visible to the general occupants of the building, but can be accessed by authorized personnel upon the cylinder or core removal.


Construction master keying is an option for conventional (non-I/C) cylinders and locksets. Cylinders are prepared with a special construction pin at the factory so that the construction master key (CMK) operates all cylinders while the building is under construction. When construction is complete, turn the top master key in each cylinder. This process moves the special construction pin into a pocket of the cylinder plug, thereby eliminating subsequent operation of the CMK.

Block-O-Key® system

  • Type of Falcon construction master keying that is used for large master key systems
  • Plastic “key block” inserted into back of cylinder plug
  • Four-pin “project key” operates all cylinders during construction
  • KB536 extractor key will remove the key block from cylinder when construction is complete
  • “Project key” will not operate once key block is removed
  • Specify “Block-O-key” when ordering
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