FALCON Classic Keyways

Falcon offers a full line of keyways and options to meet conventional and interchangeable core needs at an affordable price.


Choosing the right keyway is an integral part in maximizing key control and security. For Falcon, the G keyway is standard for all conventional cylinders. The multiple keyway structure includes keyways for all section keys, multi-section keys and single section keys. This multi-plex key family can be used to expand keying systems, which require more than one keyway. Falcon bored locksets are also available with the most common competitors’ keyways. Falcon does not offer master keying of their keyways. The D Series deadlocks are limited to D1, L4, C, E and E1R keyways.

Features & Benefits

Conventional keyways

  • Falcon G (including master key) standard: pinned five standard (except the W Series); pinned six available, master keying offered for two, three and four levels
  • 6 other open keyways options available
  • Restricted keyways available
  • Schlage C keyway (including master key) available
  • Schlage E keyway available on select products

Interchangeable core keyways

  • Falcon A standard: uncombinated or combinated (six or seven pin)
  • 17 other open keyways available
  • Open keyways equivalent to Best and Arrow keyways
  • Exclusive Falcon SFIC restricted keyways available

Restricted keyways

  • Minimum cylinder purchase required to establish
  • Multi-plex (hierarchy) systems available
  • 150 mile radius exclusivity
  • Offered on all lock products
  • Upcharge for restricted keyway products

FALCON Classic Keyways

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