Electronic and Mechanical Accessories

Von Duprin’s exit device accessories allow the building and its openings to perform to exact specifications.

Von Duprin’s accessories allow solutions to be tailored for the needs of any mechanical or electronic application. From keyed removable mullions to power supplies and electric power transfers, the accessories complement Von Duprin’s full portfolio of exit devices and provide buildings with complete opening solutions.

Mullions are vertical supports in an opening that provide single door performance in double door openings that utilize rim devices. They are manufactured from either aluminum or steel and are available in three different configurations: keyed removable, removable and blank.

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Power supplies provide power to a door opening. Allegion offers four different power supplies, as well as option boards to provide additional flexibility to the power supply. These power supplies work with Von Duprin electrified devices and accessories, as well as Schlage electromagnetic locks, Schlage AD Series hardwired locks, Schlage electrified mechanical locks and other brands and series.

Electronic power transfers (EPT) provide a wiring path from the door to the frame, allowing products on or around the door to receive power. Allegion offers two models to meet the needs of any opening, with either two-wire or ten-wire harnesses, and both can be ordered with quick connect fittings.

Electronic and Mechanical Accessories

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