DSC PowerSeries Pro

HS3032 / HS3128 / HS3248

  • Secures any mid-large commercial installations without the need for wires on sensors or keypads
  • Expandable up to 248 hardwired and wireless zones
  • Robust PowerG technology provides long-range wireless encrypted communications with two-way 128-bit AES encryption technology
  • Superior on-board power, on-board ethernet and modular communicators ensure long-lasting value
  • Simple to install with different interfaces for hardwired keypads (touchscreen vs. LCD), local installation app & removable terminal strips
  • For added reliability and to prevent tampering, PowerSeries Pro is equipped with triple-end-of-line capability for hardwired zones, and anti-masking for wired and wireless zones
  • Saves time during system take-overs with programmable end-of-line hardwired zone resistance
  • Dramatic reduction of truck rolls thanks to remote diagnostic, inspection and maintenance tools
  • ULC Wireless Commercial Burglary Listing 1, 2 and 3
  • Easily integrates with alarm.com and other third-party integrators including Building Management Software (BMS) and access solutions
  • PowerSeries Pro panel supports LUX KONOzw smart hub thermostat (requires Alarm.com communicator). Available in USA and Canada
Product Approvals
HS3128 HS3032   HS3128P HS3032P HS3248P/HS3128P/HS3032P HS3248/HS3128/HS3032 HS3032P/HS3128P HS3032P/HS3218P HS3032/HS3128

DSC PowerSeries Pro

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