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Keyscan LUNA™ 1 to 6 door access control – A big idea for small business applications.

The Keyscan LUNA™ solution is formed from two components:

  1. SDAC access control unit
  2. Keyscan LUNA software

The SDAC is available through your preferred distributor. Keyscan LUNA complementary software may be downloaded at any time from the link in the right hand sidebar.

LUNA™ Software Capabilities:

  • People Management: manage users, assign credentials and permissions
  • Hardware management: install, configure and operate up to 6 SDAC control units
  • Settings: adjust performance and preferences
  • Access levels: set permission levels and user groups
  • Schedules: for pre-authorized system performance
  • Also available for holiday schedule settings
  • Transaction reports: for select or full system usage and transactions for audits and investigations

LUNA™ Software Benefits:

  • Comprehensive and easy to use
  • Encrypted database
  • Software for small business access control needs
  • Downloadable and can be run from a USB ‘thumb’ drive
  • No licensing or recurring fees
Product Details
  • Dual processors ensure full panel operation even during system downloads
  • WiFi point-to-point or WLAN connectivity only
  • One powered relay rating 500mA at 12 VDC
  • Two reader ports (In/Out) relay rating 500 mA at 12 VDC
  • One copy of LUNA software can program and manage up to 6 SDAC units
  • Network configuration by WiFi embedded web server. Board DIP switches for system options
  • Four 1/2-inch wiring knockouts maximize installation flexibility and cabling concealment
  • Supports 12 VDC external power supply (sold separate)
  • Selectable filter transaction reports
  • Functions with Keyscan 36 bit, Keyscan mobile 36-bit, Large Card Decimal, Large Card Hex and 26-bit formats

Dimensions: 6.875” h x 7.625” w x 1.75” d (17.46 x 19.36 x 4.44 cm)

  • Doors supported: 1
  • Reader ports: 2 (in/Out)
  • Weight: 1.7 lbs (780g)
  • Request to exit (RTE) Inputs (supervised): 1
  • Door contact inputs: 1
  • Number of credential-holders: 10,000
  • Transaction buffer: 6,000
  • Schedules: 10
  • Groups: 15
  • Holiday dates: 30
  • Optional global fields (user defined): 10
  • Colour: Gray
  • Keyscan LUNA™ Single Door Access Control Unit: Part No: SDAC
  • Keyscan LUNA™ Complementary Software
  • Keyscan LUNA™ SDAC Replacement Antenna: Part No: SDRA

Specifically designed for small installations of 1 to 6 doors.

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