DOORKING Wireless Expansion 900 MHz

Now you can add access points just about anywhere.

Our new 900 MHz Wireless Expansion Kits let you add access points in those hard-to-wire places, eliminating costly labor, trenching and conduit runs. Simply add a base station board to a DKS telephone entry system, and a remote DKS access device (up to 24 of them) with a 2358-010 tracker expansion board (Rev N or higher only) and the wireless connection is made seamlessly. We even have a repeater for those hard to reach remote sites, doubling the wireless range. Best of all, our wireless kits are designed with LoRa® technology offering longer ranges, low power consumption, and secure data transmission.


Double the range with a Dual Band Repeater
Use of repeaters or a wireless board acting as a repeater can send information to and from each other and the access controller up to a 2000 foot range

DOORKING Wireless Expansion 900 MHz

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