DOORKING Transformers


12, 16, 24 Volt AC & DC Transformers. The 1200 Transformer Box is a great way to provide a power source for accessory transformers used with Access Control Systems. Many DKS products INCLUDE a transformer.


A variety of accessory transformers are available to power the different products that we sell. AC transformers are typically used with access control devices and controllers, while DC transformers are used with magnetic locks and proximity card readers. Check the individual product to determine which transformer is required. NOTE: Many of our products INCLUDE a transformer.

Transformer Box
  • Holds up to four (4) 20-VA transformers
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Does not include transformers
20-VA Transformers
  • 1215‐061 12‐Volt, AC Output
  • 1804‐059 24‐Volt, AC Output
  • 1804‐060 16‐Volt, AC Output
40-VA Transformers
  • 1508-060 16 Volt, AC Output
DC Regulated Transformers
  • 1812-136 24‐Volt, 1000 ma
  • 1812-018 12-Volt, 1000 ma
Isolation Transformers
  • 1830-140 use with 1810, 1833, 1838, 1808, 1810, 1812 access plus systems

DOORKING Transformers

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