DOORKING Time Clocks & Surge Suppressors


Use time clocks for “hold open” time periods with Telephone Entry systems. Protect your equipment with surge suppressors


Electronic time clocks are ideal for use in applications where an access control system does not control “hold open” time periods. Surge suppressors are designed to provide additional protection to equipment in areas prone to voltage spikes and surges. Surge suppressors come with a plastic mounting bracket.
2600-791 Time Clock – 7 Day
  • 20 programs
  • 24 Volt AC input power
  • Form “C” dry contact relay
1879-080 Surge Suppressor
  • High Voltage (110-120 VAC)
1877-010 Surge Suppressor
  • Phone Line
1878-010 Surge Suppressor
  • Low Voltage (24-20 VAC)

DOORKING Time Clocks & Surge Suppressors

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