DOORKING Connection Options • POTS • IM-Server

Plug & Play connections from the 1830 Series entry system to your programming computer.

A simple and easy method to connect the DKS entry systems with the programming PC using an available POTS line or ethernet connection.


DoorKing’s IM Server (Pat. 9,049,306) offers the easiest ways to connect your PC to a 1830 Series entry system for data or voice/data transfer.


IM Server Internet is used with the 1830-186 TCP/IP adapter installed at the entry system.  This adapter allows for an internet connection at the entry system which can be used for data transfer and voice communication via a VoIP provider, or it can be used for data transfers only if a POTS (Plain Old Telephone Servcie) line is connected to the entry system.  The 1830-186 used with the IM Server Internet is a Plug & Play device making the connection trouble free and automatic!  IM Server fees do apply.

  • No IP addresses to worry about
  • No Port Forwarding to worry about
  • No Firewalls to worry about
  • No special programming
  • No new hardware to install

IM Server Modem links your computer’s internet connection to the modem inside the 1830 series entry system automatically!  This connection is then used for data transfers between your PC and the entry system, while voice communication is via the POTS line installed at the entry system.  IM Server fees do apply.  NOTE: DoorKing does not recommend using a POTS line for programming.  DoorKing can no longer guarantee modem connections as some phone company services and switches no longer support modem communications since these devices are considered to be obsolete technology. The telephone line must support G.711 level service for the modem to work. Modem communications will not work over cellular or VoIP connections.

  • No modem needed at the PC
  • No modem software
  • No modem setup strings
  • No distance limitations
  • No trenching to run wires
  • No new hardware to install
  • No site visit required
  • No hardware power requirements
  • No Internet connection needed at Entry System
  • Connect to unlimited systems
  • Transfer data from your PC to and from the entry system using the DKS software that is included with all DKS 1830 series systems.
  • Choose from several methods and options to easily connect your PC to the DKS entry system(s).
  • Program online 24/7
  • Connect to entry systems from multiple computers.



DKS Cellular

  • Data and voice communication requires a cellular adapter, P/N 1800-080 or 1800-081
  • Voice only communication requires a cellular adapter, P/N 1801-080

IM Server Internet

  • TCP/IP Adapter, P/N 1830-186
  • Ethernet cable with an internet connection

IM Server Modem

  • POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) telephone line.
  • In some cases, digital phone service (VoIP for example) may negatively affect modem service.

DKS Cellular, IM Server Internet, IM Server Modem

  • An Internet connection
Other Considerations
  • No additional hardware at the PC.
  • IM Server Internet – ethernet connection at the entry system is required.  Refer to the installation manual for distance limitations on ethernet wire runs.
  • DKS Cellular and IM Server Modem have no distance limitations
  • Backwards compatible, can be used with DKS 1830 series systems 10+ years old with no hardware changes required.
  • DKS Cellular – cellular rates apply
  • IM Server Modem & IM Server Internet – IM Server fees apply

DOORKING Connection Options • POTS • IM-Server

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