Ditec HA8-LP

The Ditec HA8-LP low-energy operator has the same power and durability of the standard profile, but with a smaller header for applications where clearance is limited. The low-profile is available as surface applied, and can be found in hospitals, retail stores, schools & universities, airports, convention centers, casinos, industrial buildings and offices.

Quality Heavy Duty Commercial Construction
  • High precision gears made for sustained long-term use
  • Electro Mechanical Design for simple dependable operation
  • Permanent lubrication for maintenance free operation
  • Machined alloy gearbox housing
  • 1/8th HP motor
  • Digital Control Board
Advanced Technology
  • On-board programming
  • Built in strike/mag lock relay – fail safe or fail secure
  • Separate inputs for activation and safety devices
  • Plug-n-play design for fast trouble free installation
  • Compatible with safety and activation devices
  • Integrates with building access & security systems
  • Built to outlast the competition
  • Perfect for high traffic locations
Technical specifications

Header Profile Dimensions: 4 1/8″ x 5 1/8″
Motor: 1/8 HP
Manual Opening/Closing Force: Adjustable 5 to 30 lbs.
Push Reveal: Up to 14″
Pull Reveal: Up to 5″
Total Weight with 39″ Header: 44 lbs.
Non-Handed: Available in push or pull

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