The Detex EAX-2545 Series Exit Alarm is designed for applications requiring a hardwired AC/DC alarm on secure doors. The alarm, with approximately 100dB, will sound when an unauthorized exit occurs. The smaller size of the EAX-2545, which is designed to fit in a standard 4″x4″ outlet box, makes it the choice for quick and easy installations on emergency exit and restricted doors.

  • Field selectable features allow customer to choose status indicators and auto rearm options
  • Surface and flush mount available using 4″x4″ double switch/outlet box
  • Patented cam assembly automatically adjusts for different size cylinders without spacers
  • Low battery alert is field selectable
  • Silent arming feature is field selectable
  • Tamper resistant housing and cover protects electronics
  • 4 minute Arming Delay – Door(s) can be opened and closed repeatedly during the 4 minute Arming Delay. At the end of Arming Delay, if door(s) are open, alarm sounds. If door(s) are closed, alarm automatically arms
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