CRL DC53 Size 3 Surface Mounted Door Closers

  • Engineered for Commercial and Residential Use
  • Dual Valve Closing and Latching Speed Control
  • Reversible for Standard, Top-Jamb, and Parallel Arm Installations on Aluminum, Metal, and Wood Doors
  • Aluminum and Dark Bronze Finishes
  • Custom Colors Available
  • ANSI A156.4 Grade 1
  • UL Listed

The CRL DC53 Size 3 Surface Mount Door Closer is perfect for most commercial applications. The Size 3 spring is suitable for interior doors up to 42″ (1.07 m) and exterior doors up to 36″ (914 mm) wide. Applicable door weight should be between 99 and 143 lbs. (45 and 65 kg). The closer is supplied with an adjustable back check feature to protect the doors and hardware from damage due to wind or violent door swings in the opening cycle. Both the closing and latching speeds are independently adjustable and will satisfy your customer’s requirements for smooth operating door control. All CRL Surface Mounted Closers are U.L. listed and warranted for ten years. A parallel Arm Bracket and mounting hardware are included with each closer permitting universal installation for regular, top jamb or parallel arm applications.

CRL DC53 Size 3 Surface Mounted Door Closers

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